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Most popular frequent questions.

Why are you building websites for free? how and why would you do this?

We are constantly recruiting student website designers. The best of them we hire as student interns.  Our interns truly enjoy building custom websites and they are working hard to build out a strong portfolio to show off. Valuable experience is gained as well as "on the job experience" Our design interns go on to bright careers in the $40-$50 per hour range.  Building your website is a launching point for these bright new careers. The designers have already committed to creating and expanding their portfolios and these websites will be designed for free. Because of this we do not charge anything for the student website design program. Your web design truly is free.  The only things needed are web hosting and a domain name.

How can I be confident that I will like the website that you design?  And what happens if I do not?

Everyone has different tastes and different needs. We use quite a bit of common sense when building your website. We know that a Real estate professional needs a different website than a Comic book store.  One being more professional and the second being more animated and colorful.  We start by building your website using common sense along with the guidance that you have given us. 95% of the time the first design is a winner.  However if you do not love your custom design we are here to change it for you or redo it for you as you see fit. In this case I would recommend a telephone consultation as you may be able to express your style over the phone. You can also show us sites you like the looks of and we can design one in the same spirit as the one you like.  We are your webmasters all year long and will take care of all your design edits including changing the overall looks and background of your website. We want you to be happy and have a great successful website. That is our #1Goal

What is the difference between custom and a template web design?

Custom built website.

Template website.

A unique and one of a kind website creation. No other website on the internet has your design. Completely unique.

A prefabricated website design which is already in use by anywhere from thousands to millions of websites.

Regarded and ranked by the major search engines very highly. This is not a stolen or copied website it is unique content.

Penalized in the major search engines for being a copy-cat website. Same ranking penalty as if it was a stolen design.
Custom websites usually price in the $1,000 and up range. Templates usually price anywhere from free to $50
You own your website design once finished. It is 100% under your ownership. No permission needed to expand or sell.  No fine print. Its simply your property with no strings attached and no limitations on what you can do with it. You never own your design. The template creator holds the copyrights to your website and its design. Not to mention all of the fine print that you must commit to in order to use or buy a template.
No design limitations. You can put whatever you want wherever you want it. Its custom! And your choice! Limited to the pre-selected areas of the website for words and pictures. Changing the template style without the explicit permission of the templates designer is forbidden.

More popular Frequently asked questions

Q.     How long will it take to get my new website online and for it to be designed ?

A      Usually it takes less than a week to complete your website design. If you are able to communicate with us during your design then the process will go as normal. Sometimes we have customers who delay sending us a logo. Or delay sending text / paragraphs for the different pages. In these cases we will be waiting on you in order to progress further. 

Q.     Do I have to do anything to get listed in Google and Yahoo search engines ?

A      Your new web site will be automatically submitted to all the major search engines once it is completed.  Most new sites show up within 5-10 days.

Q.    Can you put shopping cart / checkout buttons on my website?

A     Yes we can add your shopping carts. Paypal or Google checkout systems to your website.  Included with our designs.

Q.    What's the catch ?  Where is the secret hidden costs ?

A      There is none. Our web hosting has no hidden costs / fees / expenses.  Although this is rare these days our customers really appreciate it. Our Free web design programs are also totally catch free.  It costs literally zero dollars. Web hosting is the only expense at $8 month.

Q.     What types of domain names can I use for my websites name ?

A      You can use any available domain name with your new website: .com .net .org .us .biz    ect......  Most people prefer .com as it is the most easily remembered.   If you host with us Annually you will get a free domain name with your hosting.

Q.     I already own a website is there any advantage to owning two?

A      A new web site for your existing business will draw new traffic, new visitors and new buyers. Many people use them to target buyers in a unique way. Most would agree it increases your chances for sales as well as doubling your presence in the Yahoo and Google search engines. Plus, since we optimize all of your designs to do well in the search engines. You will appreciate the added traffic and sales that can result from additional sites..

Q.     I plan on adding many many pages to my website after it is designed.  How many pages can I make my site ?  Are there limitations?

A     Our web hosting plans allow you to use 5,000 MB of web space. This equals to approximately a  10,000 page website. If you think you may need more than that then an upgraded hosting plan can be arranged.  You can add as many pages as you like to your website yourself. We will show you how. Our web design programs only allow up to a ten page design. But you can take it as far as you wish after that.

Q.     How much traffic can I have at my new web site ?

A     Our hosting plans allow for 200GB per month of bandwidth or transfer. This servers capacity for you equates to about 250,000 visitors per day to your website. If you experience traffic greater than this more bandwidth can be arranged.

Q.     What is the difference between  a web site designed by Hostingwebsite.org and the $1500 custom design quote I just received from a competitor?

A      Our student web designers quality will be as good or better than any web designer you will find.  

Q.     Do you show those bothersome pop ups or banners on my web site ?

A      No, absolutely not!  We give you a 100% banner free, pop up free web site and web hosting. 

Q.     Do you design or host adult material ?

A      We do not design or host any pornographic picture or movie web sites. 

Q.     Will I get a backup or copy of my website when it is completed? 

A      Yes, a complete zip file will be sent to you via email once your site is completed.. You can save this for your permanent backup and use it to edit or add new pages to your website.

Q.     Can my website link to other sites ?  

A      Yes, you can create links anywhere on the text of a web page or a picture on a web page. We will add any links you request. We will also give you the ability to add links and edit your pages in the future.





Have our web design students build your custom website for you for free!

We also will show you how to make changes to your own website afterwards. You will know how to add and remove wording and pictures from your web pages easily.  Once your new website is online we will call and show you how to edit and add your wording.

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